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Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery - 1800 N Bayshore DR Miami, Florida 33137


Opening: July 18th, 7-10pm

Exhibition: July 19th-31st, Gallery Hours

1800 N Bayshore DR

Miami, Florida 33137


Site – specific murals in Wynwood

From July 11th

19st and N. Miami, ave

21st and NW 1st ave


Deconstructions is a double personal exhibition of the two world wide famous graffiti writers Raptuz and Poesia, which is born with the idea of making tangible the relationships that occur in the development of their indoor practices. Organized as a collaboration between Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery and Hausammann Gallery, the exhibition will be opened to the public on July 18th until the 31st, in Miami, at the location of Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery.


Introduced with a critical essay by the contemporary art curator Giada Pellicari, the exhibition will take place along the wide rooms of the space of the gallery and wants to propose a parallelism between the works by the two graffiti writers that, even if they come from two different countries in which graffiti art scene is completely different, are both based on the idea of deconstruction through the use of mixed techniques: in the case of Raptuz the analysis is more focused on iconic figures and objects, whereas for Poesia it’s more channeled to the act of painting and gesture through different decompositions of letters form.


The whole exhibition will also mirror the topic of series, which is fundamental in the development of the works by both the artists, for whom it is not just an issue to solve through the use of paint and spray-paint, but also a real method of production. All the paintings should be considered in this way as finite and functional on their own, but also as a step for the development of a complex corpus that should be seen together and experienced in situ along the environment. The artworks, then, will be mostly new and realized for the occasion of Deconstructions, a term that, actually, not only stands as a name that properly describe their way of conceiving their last production of canvases, but that should also be considered as a theme to develop through the exhibition imagined as a path. The opening will be characterized by a live painting through which the graffiti writers will show their skills and way of realizing their artworks.


There will also be an effective connection with Miami – Wynwood, the neighborhood that is world-renowned for the existence of important pieces by street artists and graffiti writers, for which Raptuz and Poesia will create two murals beginning from July 11th.


Deconstructions exhibition is developed in partnership with: Kobrapaint, and Graffuturism.




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